4 Factors to Consider when Hiring an In-House Bookkeeper

by David Huff on December 27, 2011

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Are you one of the many business owners struggling with the idea of hiring a bookkeeper?

Have your accounting and taxes become more complicated over the last few years?

Are you tired of not being able to work on growing your business?

Would it make better sense…and cents, to hire someone to do the everyday bookkeeping for you?

Are you beginning to  think that hiring someone in-house might be a better idea? This is normally a much better idea, IF, you hire the right person.


The four most important factors to consider when hiring an in-house bookkeeper are:

1. Honesty and Integrity

Handling money can bring out the worst in people who lack either honesty and integrity.  Your in-house accounting staff will have access to bank statements, credit card numbers and sensitive data so honesty is probably the most important factor.

2. Knowledge

Honesty is followed by experience and education because an experienced bookkeeper knows how to keep routine filings from costing you money and time. Ã‚ Bookkeeping isn’t always easy and mistakes can cost Ã‚ BIG $$ in taxes and penalties so experience and education need to be considered.

3. Attitude
Finally attitude is important because as your business grows, so does the bookkeeper’s responsibilities.  Someone who can pitch in and help in other areas while adapting to changes in accounting needs can be an asset.

4. Cost
The difference in an hourly wage of one or two dollars is immaterial if you go this route. Pennywise and pound foolish can destroy your business when dealing with financial stuff.

We don’t mean to be negative…we just want your business and your money to be SAFE! We want you, the business owner, to be able to free up your time and enjoy your life, all while knowing that your money is in the hands of someone highly qualified and trustworthy!

The accountants at Person Huff CPA Group love helping our clients enjoy life, while being profitable.  Contact us if you have any concerns or questions about your business.

David W Huff, CPA, PFS, MS is a partner at Person Huff CPA Group. He provides clients with tax preparation and consulting services, accounting services, retirement plan and benefit consulting, accounting software technical support and training, and management advisory services. His specialty is helping new businesses organize their operations to maximize tax savings and move quickly from start-up to profitability.  You can reach David by email at:




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