Bookkeeping: Who’s in Charge?

by David Huff on December 13, 2011

Bookkeeping - Who should do it?


Good record keeping is important to any business!  Ã‚ Actually, it is one of the most important pieces to running a successful and profitable business!

Who is doing your accounting?

Are you doing the bookkeeping, or is an in-house accountant, or an accounting firm? Whomever is doing your bookkeeping Ã‚ should be experienced and knowledgeable in tax accounting rules and accounting software…whether it is a staff member or an outsourced accounting firm…and they should enjoy what they are doing!

Your goal as a business owner is to make money and to give yourself  more time enjoying the fun things in life. Is your  bookkeeping allowing you to do this? You may not be able to answer this question right now but please consider the following information:

    •   Cost of software /amount of your time
    •   Cost of hiring an in-house accountant
    •   Cost of outsourcing to an accounting firm

The Person Huff CPA Group would be happy to assist you with calculating these costs to your business.



David W Huff, CPA, PFS, MS is a partner at Person Huff CPA Group. He provides clients with tax preparation and consulting services, accounting services, retirement plan and benefit consulting, accounting software technical support and training, and management advisory services. His specialty is helping new businesses organize their operations to maximize tax savings and move quickly from start-up to profitability.  You can reach David by email at:


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